Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am me, hear me roar

I have big boobs.

And big hips.

I've birthed two babies.

I am not textbook beautiful.

My hair is short and spiky.

I am loud and sarcastic.

I dress how I want to.

I cuss.

I wear a double digit pant size.

I am me. I am beautiful. Hear me roar.

Monday, November 9, 2009

In My Closet

Shirt: I love basics. I keep two shelves in my closet open just for white and black shirts. They are the perfect layering pieces. And truth be told a white t-shirt always looks great with a pair of jeans and a kick ass pair of shoes. I found that men's simple white undershirts are awesome as well. Just buy them a size smaller then you'd usually wear for a more fitted look. This white shirt is a Target special. (oh how I love Target.)

Jeans: Macy's, 3 years ago on massive clearance. I paid under $15. I always start browsing the big department stores mid January through February. This is when they clearance out all winter seasonal items and you can find some unbelievable deals. The same goes with around mid July for summer items.

Belt: It's patent leather, on clearance a few years ago at JcPenney. Under $8.

See why I love the basics? You can throw on another layer and instantly transform the outfit.

Jacket: Kohls clearance special. $8.

Pardon the headless shots. Cold week and I'm all pale and nasty looking. Not pretty.

Shirt: White basic (again!) Old Navy. $10.

Shirt: Old Navy again, few years back. It was under $5.

Jeans: Macy's clearance. Although now that I that I look at this outfit I think my trouser jeans would look better. Or a nice boot cut. My thighs are all, "Hi! How are you this fine morning?!"

Pre cold outfit....... I really need to figure out how not to look so dorky in these pictures.......

Shirt: Black basic from Old Navy, $10

Jacket: Chaps, thrifted, $10

Skirt: Kohls clearance, $6

Boots: Payless, under $20. Purchased 3 years ago?

Now, if I can get my act together, this weekend, I think I need to do some thrift shopping with a $50 or less budget and see what I come up with. Let's call it the $50 and Under Adventure...or something less stupid......

Friday, November 6, 2009


In My Closet will have to wait until Monday (I know, I know). I have a nasty head cold and the cuteness has not been happening. Any outfit that was remotely adorable this week was marred by by red peeling nose and pale face.

On Tuesday I kept on wondering why my right foot was cold and felt "off" in my favorite pair of shoes. Around lunch time I finally realized that the entire outside edge of my shoe was split wide open. How in the world it took me that long to figure it out, I will never, ever know. Off to the store I went. I found these shoes at a store down the street from my office. (Don't give me that look. There was no way in hell that I paid that much for them.) Gasp! They're clogs!!! I know, who would have thunk it?!?!? The truth? I LOVE them. They are super comfy and actually look great with a pair of jeans for a simple casual look. The swirly embroidery on top adds a lovely touch. Not for every outfit, but has made my head cold week easier to deal with.

What is your go to favorite "casual" piece?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Diva's Craft Corner

I'm a mom of three kids. (Yes, you read that right.) Kids stuff all comes in packages. These packages cause an excess of waste. I save quite a bit of the containers and am constantly thinking of ways to reuse them. This week I came up with a make-up brush holder. (or pencil, paint brush, etc. holder.) Genius, I know.

1. Take your container and using some craft glue (I use the gold bottle Tacky Glue) glue a strip of fabric around.

2. If there is anything that I can teach you today, for all that is holy on whole wheat toast, please keep a pair of scissors dedicated for fabric cutting only. Please and thank you. You're welcome.

3. Cut a smaller piece of fabric, long enough to go from top to bottom of the container to cover the seam of the fabric you just glued around.

4. Let dry.

5. I added a strip of ribbon around the bottom and the top of the holder, just because...well, why the hell not. Ribbon is pretty.

6. After everything is dry, take your fabric only scissors and trim the top and bottom of all the pesky stray fabric pieces.

Waa-laa! A beauteous brush holder. Or kitchen utencil locator. Or a change bucket. Or a....well you get the picture. Have fun! If you do this project, email pictures!

Friday, October 30, 2009

In My Closet

Okay. The pictures suck. I'll work on that. Mr. Diva wasn't home when I needed the pictures taken so I made it work. Got to love camera timers. Heh.

In outfit #1 I'm wearing a great pair of trouser jeans from Old Navy from about 3 years ago. They were under $20. Old Navy is an awesome place to go jean shopping. Or for whateveryouneed shopping. This week (at least still on Monday) they were having additional 50% off clearance items. I picked up tons of women's nice t-shirts for $1.50. They will be awesome for my Etsy site. My shirt came from I believe JCPenney 2 years ago. It has an empire waist, which rocks the bulge hiding and is super comfy. My blazer is from the Simply Vera Wang line at Kohls. I purchased it for $10 on clearance. You can't tell, but the lapels have a lovely satin trim (hmm, another reason to take better photos.) My necklace is a vintage costume jewelry piece from the Grandma Collection. (As in came from my grandma...but how cool of a name would that be for a vintage line.....)

May I point out the "rock it" factor of a good blazer or vest. They provide coverage for us lumpier ladies and can give curves to those who don't have much. They are a woman's best friend. Repeat after me: I love blazers. I love vests! They are the best, best best! (Cheerleader I am not.)

Please ignore the sour expression. I was fuming about something I can't remember yesterday. Would it be better if I photoshoped in a smile? That would make me laugh. And possibly snort my Diet Coke. Hmmm, let's simplify the clothes list here......

Shirt: Shamed to say, a long sleeved Liz Lange Maternity Shirt. It's a magic shirt. It fits whatever size you are! AND it was less than $10.

Skirt: Old Navy, summer line, saw some on the clearance racks on Monday. I paid $10

Vest: Target clearance. Men's section. Purchased yesterday for $12

Leggings: New York & Co - purchased last week on major clearance. They are no longer available on the internet, but these are awesome and only $3. I like leggings. As tights. Not pants. My ass would not approve as pants. I love the pop of color the magenta leggings provide what would otherwise be a boring outfit. Do not be afraid of color! Color is your friend!

Boots: White Mountain. Ordered them at DSW. One of my most expensive purchases, but I usually pay a bit more for shoes. They last longer. My feet need to be happy. I refuse to believe that old saying that you "suffer for fashion". No thanks. Needless to say, these boots are well worth the $70. LOVE them!

Little Fashion Maven would like to point out that she is my best accessory. Whatever. Did she see my boots?

So, what's in your closet this week?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let's talk about make-up

I NEVER used to wear make-up. Then I had kids. And then my face spawned rosacia. Now I have to wear make-up if I want to look human. Or at least looking human without a flesh eating disease. Last year my QVC loving Aunt (one of my favorite ladies EVER) gifted me with a humongous set of Bare Minerals. It gives me the coverage without feeling cakey or fake. Some of the Bare Minerals I could do without, but they have some to die for items that I have to share.

1. Mineral Veil - fixes any make-up mistakes. Lighter than regular face powder. I would make out with this stuff if I could.

2. Well Rested - I, like most people, try to shove more things into a day than hours allow. The result ends in less sleep and giant bags under my eyes. Super sexy, eh? This powder stuff wipes the bags away without the cakey concealer look. Magic in a frigging powder form.

3. Natural Light (Well Lit) - The perfect highlighter without that glitter bar night look. I like to dance around the bathroom with this stuff, just to make it feel special.

4. Prime Time - Primer. Me likey. Haven't tried any other primers, so I don't know how it compares. Nor have I tried the Prime Time Eyelid Primer as I use De Crease by Loreal, which is 1/3 the price and works like a dream.

So, how about you? What make-up brands/products make you get butterflies in your tummy and swoon a bit?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Fashion Maven

Meet Little Fashion Maven. Cyndy Lauper 80's pop rock meets little girl. At 8 Months the girl can rock it. Now if only I could pull of a tutu without looking whacked. The Run DMC t-shirt I found on clearance for $1.75. The most expensive part of her outfit is the tutu, which was purchased at Carter's at 25% off and then an addition 20% off. Not too shabby.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stylish Tip #314

I know this actually tip #1, but one is such a lonely number (cue music) that I had to start somewhere else. #314 sounded good to me. What I have realized on my average sized fashion diva quest is that you will never rock the look unless you are completely comfortable in what you are wearing. Seriously. I like to keep at least one thing in my wardrobe that no matter what I'm wearing, if I put this on I feel a thousand times better. A great pair of shoes, scarf or maybe even a vintage piece of jewelry. For me it is my grandma's necklace. It goes with everything and is like a giant hug from her. I wore it when I got married, at my reception and at each of my kids' baptism.

Do you have a certain piece that makes you feel wonderful?