Monday, November 9, 2009

In My Closet

Shirt: I love basics. I keep two shelves in my closet open just for white and black shirts. They are the perfect layering pieces. And truth be told a white t-shirt always looks great with a pair of jeans and a kick ass pair of shoes. I found that men's simple white undershirts are awesome as well. Just buy them a size smaller then you'd usually wear for a more fitted look. This white shirt is a Target special. (oh how I love Target.)

Jeans: Macy's, 3 years ago on massive clearance. I paid under $15. I always start browsing the big department stores mid January through February. This is when they clearance out all winter seasonal items and you can find some unbelievable deals. The same goes with around mid July for summer items.

Belt: It's patent leather, on clearance a few years ago at JcPenney. Under $8.

See why I love the basics? You can throw on another layer and instantly transform the outfit.

Jacket: Kohls clearance special. $8.

Pardon the headless shots. Cold week and I'm all pale and nasty looking. Not pretty.

Shirt: White basic (again!) Old Navy. $10.

Shirt: Old Navy again, few years back. It was under $5.

Jeans: Macy's clearance. Although now that I that I look at this outfit I think my trouser jeans would look better. Or a nice boot cut. My thighs are all, "Hi! How are you this fine morning?!"

Pre cold outfit....... I really need to figure out how not to look so dorky in these pictures.......

Shirt: Black basic from Old Navy, $10

Jacket: Chaps, thrifted, $10

Skirt: Kohls clearance, $6

Boots: Payless, under $20. Purchased 3 years ago?

Now, if I can get my act together, this weekend, I think I need to do some thrift shopping with a $50 or less budget and see what I come up with. Let's call it the $50 and Under Adventure...or something less stupid......


  1. Oooh! I really LOVE the last outfit!!! Sexy momma!!!

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