Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let's talk about make-up

I NEVER used to wear make-up. Then I had kids. And then my face spawned rosacia. Now I have to wear make-up if I want to look human. Or at least looking human without a flesh eating disease. Last year my QVC loving Aunt (one of my favorite ladies EVER) gifted me with a humongous set of Bare Minerals. It gives me the coverage without feeling cakey or fake. Some of the Bare Minerals I could do without, but they have some to die for items that I have to share.

1. Mineral Veil - fixes any make-up mistakes. Lighter than regular face powder. I would make out with this stuff if I could.

2. Well Rested - I, like most people, try to shove more things into a day than hours allow. The result ends in less sleep and giant bags under my eyes. Super sexy, eh? This powder stuff wipes the bags away without the cakey concealer look. Magic in a frigging powder form.

3. Natural Light (Well Lit) - The perfect highlighter without that glitter bar night look. I like to dance around the bathroom with this stuff, just to make it feel special.

4. Prime Time - Primer. Me likey. Haven't tried any other primers, so I don't know how it compares. Nor have I tried the Prime Time Eyelid Primer as I use De Crease by Loreal, which is 1/3 the price and works like a dream.

So, how about you? What make-up brands/products make you get butterflies in your tummy and swoon a bit?


  1. Smashbox! I love Smashbox cosmetics. I also like Bare Minderals eye shadows and stuff.

    And I am addicted to any brand of lipgloss.

  2. I love bare minerals too, but can't really afford it on my own (sometimes my mom slips me some of hers). I have discovered the new CoverGirl Whipped TruBlend though - I love it! And it smells delicious!!!!

  3. Hmmmmm, I have never tried Smashbox. Am afraid of the cost. Do they sell sample sizes?