Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stylish Tip #314

I know this actually tip #1, but one is such a lonely number (cue music) that I had to start somewhere else. #314 sounded good to me. What I have realized on my average sized fashion diva quest is that you will never rock the look unless you are completely comfortable in what you are wearing. Seriously. I like to keep at least one thing in my wardrobe that no matter what I'm wearing, if I put this on I feel a thousand times better. A great pair of shoes, scarf or maybe even a vintage piece of jewelry. For me it is my grandma's necklace. It goes with everything and is like a giant hug from her. I wore it when I got married, at my reception and at each of my kids' baptism.

Do you have a certain piece that makes you feel wonderful?

1 comment:

  1. I'm first! I'm first!!! I love this. Your necklace is beautiful and you're right - it will go with anything. Those invisible hugs from grandma are so nice.