Friday, October 30, 2009

In My Closet

Okay. The pictures suck. I'll work on that. Mr. Diva wasn't home when I needed the pictures taken so I made it work. Got to love camera timers. Heh.

In outfit #1 I'm wearing a great pair of trouser jeans from Old Navy from about 3 years ago. They were under $20. Old Navy is an awesome place to go jean shopping. Or for whateveryouneed shopping. This week (at least still on Monday) they were having additional 50% off clearance items. I picked up tons of women's nice t-shirts for $1.50. They will be awesome for my Etsy site. My shirt came from I believe JCPenney 2 years ago. It has an empire waist, which rocks the bulge hiding and is super comfy. My blazer is from the Simply Vera Wang line at Kohls. I purchased it for $10 on clearance. You can't tell, but the lapels have a lovely satin trim (hmm, another reason to take better photos.) My necklace is a vintage costume jewelry piece from the Grandma Collection. (As in came from my grandma...but how cool of a name would that be for a vintage line.....)

May I point out the "rock it" factor of a good blazer or vest. They provide coverage for us lumpier ladies and can give curves to those who don't have much. They are a woman's best friend. Repeat after me: I love blazers. I love vests! They are the best, best best! (Cheerleader I am not.)

Please ignore the sour expression. I was fuming about something I can't remember yesterday. Would it be better if I photoshoped in a smile? That would make me laugh. And possibly snort my Diet Coke. Hmmm, let's simplify the clothes list here......

Shirt: Shamed to say, a long sleeved Liz Lange Maternity Shirt. It's a magic shirt. It fits whatever size you are! AND it was less than $10.

Skirt: Old Navy, summer line, saw some on the clearance racks on Monday. I paid $10

Vest: Target clearance. Men's section. Purchased yesterday for $12

Leggings: New York & Co - purchased last week on major clearance. They are no longer available on the internet, but these are awesome and only $3. I like leggings. As tights. Not pants. My ass would not approve as pants. I love the pop of color the magenta leggings provide what would otherwise be a boring outfit. Do not be afraid of color! Color is your friend!

Boots: White Mountain. Ordered them at DSW. One of my most expensive purchases, but I usually pay a bit more for shoes. They last longer. My feet need to be happy. I refuse to believe that old saying that you "suffer for fashion". No thanks. Needless to say, these boots are well worth the $70. LOVE them!

Little Fashion Maven would like to point out that she is my best accessory. Whatever. Did she see my boots?

So, what's in your closet this week?


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAGH, STOP, you are MAKING ME LIKE CLOTHES!! If I start liking clothes, I will have to TRY THINGS ON! STOP ITTTTT!

  2. Also? Vest from the men's department? Why have I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT?? Yesterday I saw a bunch of men's vests on clearance at Target (probably the SAME ONES) and I thought, "Oh, too bad Paul would never wear those---they're gorgeous!" Must rush back to Target and try them on MYSELF.

  3. Gorgeous! And I will have you know that its actually required to pull sour faces whilst modelling "apparently" just has to look at my daughters models to see.

    In my closet this week, we have one very norty new dress....I caved and paid $50 for it but I have to go to a wedding next week and my wardrobe is way overdue for a fix up. (Lucky for me the hippy look seems to have come into the shops!)

    I do have a skirt I bought for $1 though that is far too big for me and my daughter says it looks like an old fat lady skirt (nice). Hopefully some time this week, I will take it in and make it into a straight skirt. Your new blog is really inspiring me to get off my butt and sort my wardrobe a bit. LOL

    Oh as for the jeans, I will have to buy a pair. The ones I would have liked to send you have developed holes between the legs due to over wearing them. I hate jean shopping.

  4. So, heres' the deal. You are infinitely cuter than I and have infinitely cuter clothes.

    I am hiding in the bathroom in February when you get here. We will have to get schnockered whilst hiding.

  5. You definitely have a fine sense of fashion. I would love to wear blazers, but it's already hotter'n blazes around here and it's all I can do to keep my arms covered at all! One of the reasons I love the cooler weather is that there actually IS an opportunity for fashionable clothing!!! I shall keep your tips in mind (as I am a bit larger than average size and have a lumpy profile!

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